Our technical and customer service teams are ready to provide top quality IT support and maintenance for your business.

Whether you need "remote hands", an on-site presence, or to discuss how to grow your business with an IT architect, we are ready and willing to help. Listed below are some of the services we already provide to many businesses across the UK.

  • Helpdesk Services

    Our helpdesk puts an experienced team of engineers and technical advisors at your disposal. We have an enviable reputation for providing the kind of support businesses like yours really need.

    3C Technology can work as your support provider or with your existing support staff and draw on our years of experience supporting networks, servers, desktops and operating systems.
  • ProServe Monitoring

    ProServe from 3C Technology is a Managed Service that actively monitors both hardware and software environments for business critical servers and networks.

    The service offers round the clock monitoring, monthly summary reports for performance, event log notification, security risk profile checking and ongoing observation of Microsoft Windows servers.
  • On-Site Resource

    Whether providing surveys, managed project rollouts, scheduled maintenance visits or emergency assistance, our fleet of on-site systems engineers and IT architects are ready at a moments notice to help keep your business IT fully operational.

    We also offer holiday and sickness cover if you need extra on-site resource.

  • 3Care Maintenance

    Our 3Care engineering team provide a unique on-site hardware break/fix maintenance service for desktops, laptops, servers, tablets and networking hardware from all the leading vendors including HP, Dell, Lenovo and IBM.

    We cover your system for periods of 1, 3 and 5 years with No Claims Discounts available to renewing customers.

    With this service delivered by our own trusted engineers, you also benefit by receiving a fully working replacement product to your site the next working day from our extensive inventory of spares.
  • Consult

    Your IT strategy plan should allow your organisation to reap rewards with lower costs, improved business efficiency and other competitive advantages.

    Our unique experience over more than 25 years of IT services and insight into the industry developments allows us to provide valuable intelligence when planning for growth. We understand businesses and the most effective technologies that are actually to work.

    Engage with us today to get your business working on the right track.
  • Surveys

    When you need to expand your organisation we can assist with a site survey to quantify any IT infrastructure requirements such as network cabling, WiFi, telecoms and other connectivity.

    Our objective is always to present you with fixed cost proposals backed up with a complete project management service for your peace of mind.
  • Audits

    An audit of your IT systems can be an essential business requirement and we offer a range of auditing services that will help you build the right foundations for your future growth and success.

    Our technical team will meet with you to gain an understanding of your business needs and an overview of your setup.

    After the audit has been completed, we will then produce a detailed report of our findings and outline the current position, identify any shortfalls and risks, and optionally suggest possible future improvements.

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