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Piccolink 72 hour Repair or Replacement Service

  • 72 hours is guide to the time a repair will take once a faulty scanner is correctly logged and a return to 3C is underway. Generally 72 hours is the maximum time you will be without your scanner and includes carriage paid for by us in both directions. This is based on weekdays as we do not operate at weekends.

  • We can arrange a courier to collect or you can return by a tracked and insured method. We do not reimburse you for this so suggest that you use our collection service. We will endeavour to return to you the Piccolink which you return to us so don't worry if you have security marked your Piccolink. We recommend security marking and smart water due to the high value of your Piccolink scanner. If we return a different unit we will amend your device registration automatically with the serial number for the new unit.
  • Piccolinks are to be returned please with the aerial unscrewed but with the Piccolink. The Piccolink should be in its protective rubber jacket, carefully packaged. Remember that the Piccolink is a £500 minimum item and is very delicate so the packaging should be two layers of Jiffy bag minimum if you do not have the manufacturer's original packaging.

  • Any faults which relate to the main circuit board of any RF600/RF601 Piccolink will be deemed to have destroyed that Piccolink and for it to be beyond economical repair. In this scenario you will be offered a new or refurbished unit which is chargeable. This will be as an upgrade from your faulty item which we then retain. Of course you are perfectly entitled in this scenario to have your scanner returned at no cost.

  • If your Piccolink Scanner has had a battery leak corroding the main board and/or battery terminals. This is caused by attempting to recharge 'standard' batteries it will be beyond economical repair and you will be offered a new or refurbished unit which is chargeable similarly to above. The correct rechargeable batteries for a piccolink are a dry battery and cannot leak.

  • If you require more Piccolink devices (your base station will support multiple units) we have them in stock. We very often also have refurbished units to match the generation of Piccolink you are using.

  • If you already have more than one piccolink and you require multiple serial number registering for maintenance please repeat this process to register all of your devices.

  • We can only maintain registered devices and those purchased through us or any trade up we offer from a registered device – in which case we will amend your registration to the new device. We cannot maintain new additions to maintenance sourced in the second hand market.

  • If we offer a Refurbished or New Piccolink as a trade up from a unit beyond repair the Refurbished unit will be available strictly whilst stock lasts. The New RF601 will always be available. If you purchase a new RF601 scanner at reduced cost in this way you will also need to purchase a charging base and RF Base station for a working solution.

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